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Emil Skobeloff: Links

Cotten Music Center, Nashville, TN
Go check out the best little guitar shop in the musical universe where my friends Kim Sherman, Darcy Cotten, Andrew and Jimmy make you feel like you are ALWAYS a big name to them. They're GREAT!! Discover attention as it was always meant to be. You are not a sale. You're someone whose musical needs are their only focus. You'll come to love them as so many others do worldwide.
McGill Guitars

I have recently switched over to nylon stringed guitars after 4 plus decades of playing steel stringed guitars. There are many great makers out there. But, when it comes to innovation, I think Paul McGill is the man.

McGill's work with non-traditional designs has advanced his traditional instruments, as well. Whether it's Earl Klugh recording with McGill's traditional and extended access classicals, Muriel Anderson performing with her McGill signature model, Chet Atkins extolling the tone of his Del Vecchio-inspired McGill resonator, or Peter White and Mark Antoine performing with big bands on their innovative Super Ace acoustic-electrics, McGill has certainly entertained myriad artists' needs for unique sounds.

And, now, its all I play. One Brazilian Rosewood/German spruce classical. And, one Brazilian Rosewood/German Spruce Super Ace.

Check out his website. This is really groovy stuff.

Darcy Cotten
You must hear Darcy's music. In an era where musical sound is too often manufactured, electric and bombastic, Darcy Cotten has a created a CD that is transparent, human and delightfully authentic. Darcy's singing allows the songs to be the star, unadulterated by myriad affectations that so often clutter the genuine human emotions and stories these great classics were meant to share. Only a selfless ego would have the courage to avoid the affectation of commercialism in favor of the honest rendering of the pure authenticity of country music's poignant lyrics. Darcy is a story teller. One feels as though he is sitting in Darcy's living room, by a fire, listening and playing with friends. The genius of her collaborators provides the lush background for her canvas. But, make no mistake about it, her simple delivery is pure artistic eloquence. Go listen.
CDBaby Website
CDBaby gave "And Sarah Danced" their prestigious Editor's Choice rating. So, go there to buy "And Sarah Danced" and "Jonah's Songs".
Springfield Recording Studio
Greg Brady and Al Bien have set up a wonderful recording studio nestled out of the way in Springfield Delaware County Pennsylvania. They work very hard to please and really succeed. You are important to them. And, they'll do everything they can to make you happy.
James Prendergast and The Boys of County Nashville
This group has a wonderful sound. And, their leader, Jim Prendergast is a great musician. He is also a sound engineer of world class talent. I heartily recommend him for anyone who is a demanding artist.
Pete Huttlinger
The is so much one could say to describe Pete. Yes he is a great guitarist. Yes, he writes some beautiful music. Yes, his concerts will amaze you. But, more than that, he's a great guy. Go check out his website. Have some oxygen ready to inhale. You'll need it!
Al Bien
Al is a great guy and a great friend. He and Clara, his wife, make a wonderful pair. Al is also a fine musician and a real friend to anyone who knows him. He is also the richest man in the world. Sorry, Bill Gates. But, Al has a cadre of loyal friends, accumulated over decades of just being there for the people. There is nothing phony about Al. You may be fooled by his unassuming exterior. But, to know him is to understand the complexity of what makes people so loyal to him. Check out his beautiful music.
Greg Brady
Check out Greg on my space. His music is gorgeous. His lyrics heartfelt and engaging. You want to go back over and over to take it all in. He's a great guy, too.
My MySpace Homepage
Go there and check out my friends and pictures.
My YouTube Video Page
Go there and see the very stirring and haunting video, Mumbai Kaddish.