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Emil Skobeloff: News/Updates

"VIDEOS" area added to bottom of Music Page - April 15, 2009

Thanks to the wonderful people at who make me look much more talented with a computer than I really am, I have now been able to add my video tribute called Mumbai Kaddish to my website.

To quote Lynn Lieberman, who wrote a comment about the video on You Tube:

"Emil has created a beautiful, haunting melody to go with these sad, sometimes horrific, photos. Just as when we study the Holocaust, we must remember this terrible event. We must remind the world that this happened. Maybe this time, the non-Jewish world will care and do something to stop this madness from continuing. Chabad has asked us to perform good deeds in response. Thank you, Emil, for creating something beautiful."

I hope it will be meaningful for you, too.

Added "Jonah's Songs" - April 15, 2009

I had a lot of requests for the songs from my first CD, "Jonah's Songs". So, here they are for you to enjoy.

What's Happenin' Now - March 23, 2009

Well, it's been a very active fall and winter. The CD has been a huge artistic success. And, with writing the new book of music, things I wanted to do like finishing this website got pushed back. But, the site is up and I am relieved. There are things I'd like to upgrade. But, that will happen in time. There is a new CD in the creation. Everyone keeps asking when I will write one in English. Well, you'll get your wish soon. It has a name. "Almost Live at the Ezra Cafe' " ;-)

So, stay tuned.


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